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Ashes to ashes dust to dust motherfucker

2013-06-11 20:55:48 by KingBooDaGhost

He here by gather around to mourn the death of a fellow newground user who goes by the name urallmybitchesandhos. After recieving many hardhitters from the motherfucking squad that bitch n***a is finally hit and killed.

Well urallmybitchesandhos and forever gone and we will never hear from him again due to thinking he was a thug boss.

Shit gets real ma n***a. Talk is cheap but dont act like you about that action n***a!!1


The point of this is that we all know you is fake. Why would a gangsta spend time on newgrounds. lol you a fake you fucking dead to us. RIP my friend

NOTE: That is not my usual grammer, its th only way you can actually communicate with nonsensical people as such as hatchery and his alt.

Ashes to ashes dust to dust motherfucker


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2013-11-02 16:24:38

I hope you don't actually think anybody read all of this garbage.

KingBooDaGhost responds:

You wont be missed.


2013-11-09 17:52:19

Neither will you when you get shot by some gangly n****r for trying to be a str8 thug.

(Updated ) KingBooDaGhost responds:

LMAO im actually laughing. I think you NEED to go back and read that "garbage" and than come talk to me ok worm??


2013-12-17 09:16:09



2014-01-28 13:29:54

lmfao this entire post is gold.


2014-01-28 13:31:09

Lmao dude this is pretty sad. I made urallmybitchesanhos literally 4 years ago to troll you guys and to this day you guys still take it seriously. I haven't been on newgrounds in ever. The fact that you got mad over all that shit for this many number of years is damn hilarious. You guys have fun being gay ass wannabe gangsters on "NEWGROUNDS" the fucking nerdiest place you be on, you dumb FUCK. Lol man you guys gave us some good laughs over the years but now I must take my leave as I dont really fucking care anymore. Goodbye.

KingBooDaGhost responds:

Bitch we NEVER took you seriously. We just saw the pretend gangsta act from a bunch of punks who prob never even busted a gun before so we took the chance to fuck with your life boy. And you should be the last to call someone gay with all the pumps to the ass you prob took. Me personally left newgrounds after keastone crushed you fucks alone and had you sending in complaints.


2014-10-04 15:13:49

Lol the shot is over and done. I just come here to play with these lil ones. They all deceased to me!


2015-04-24 12:24:07